Privacy Notice


Sarah Lloyd Music is committed to protecting your privacy. All public and private organisations are legally obliged to protect any personal information they hold. We operate in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 in respect of any personal information you give us. For more details on the Data Protection and Freedom of Information Acts please contact the Information Commissioner’s Office.

What do you mean by ‘personal information’?

The Data Protection Act covers any data which concerns a living and identifiable individual and includes such things as: Name, Address, Age or Telephone Number.

What is my personal information used for?

  • The business holds details of regular contacts for local groups and colleagues

  • The business holds contact details for students under contract or those using Sarah Lloyd Music’s consultation (a la carte) services

  • The business holds personal customer information regarding lessons and progress in case of complaints or issues relating to specific lessons and to provide the best possible service


How do you store my personal information?

  • We only store your personal information when volunteered to us by you or when they form part of the enquiry process and ongoing service under contract with Sarah Lloyd Music. The enquiry process includes via social media, email, telephone and face-to-face enquiries

  • The information is held and managed by the Owner/Manager of the business

  • You have the right to have any personal information amended at any time


Who can view my personal information?

  • Your personal information will NOT be disclosed to third parties unless required by law or your prior written consent is sought


Records Management

  • Sarah Lloyd Music’s records and contracts are kept at a secure home location

  • Electronic data is held on a password-protected business laptop, with encryption software, which remains the property of Sarah Lloyd Music. Contact details are also held on a mobile phone used by the owner, using fingerprint recognition and code entry

  • Data is deleted when no longer required – this will be after 6 months should the enquirer be happy to be placed on the waiting list.  For anyone who has had a lesson(s) their details will be held on file indefinitely

  • All unneeded paper data is shredded prior to disposal


How will you contact me?

  • We may use your personal information to contact you via phone, postal service, email or social media

How can I get a copy of any personal information you hold about me?

  • We will try to be as open as we can in terms of giving you access to your information. You can find out if we hold any personal information about you by making a ‘Subject Access Request’ under the Data Protection Act 1998


A person about whom information is held is entitled for a fee of £10 to be informed by Sarah Lloyd Music whether any information is held on Him / Her to: a description of the data and a copy of the information in an intelligible form.


The person is also entitled to request and receive information pertaining to: the purposes for which the data is being held; the recipients or classes of recipients to whom it may be disclosed; and the source of the data.


The person also has the right to have wrong information corrected, blocked from processing or erased.