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The internet makes learning an instrument much more accessible.   If you are unable to make face-to-face lessons then online lessons could suit you.

I am available for weekly lessons on Tues and Wed daytimes, or Mon, Wed and Thurs after 19:30hrs (GMT/BST)


In addition to the above, I am available for consultations/à la carte lessons weekend day times (BST/GMT).

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Explore the Adult Music Lessons or Child Music Lessons pages for lesson information

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How Online Lessons work in 4 steps:

  • Contact me for a quick interview and to be matched with a lesson time

  • Download the Zoom app ( - available for iOS and Android

  • Check your computer audio is working properly

  • At the appointment time, hit “join meeting,” enter Sarah Lloyd Music's meeting ID (will be provided), join the waiting room until I start your online lesson.

Use this guide on how to set up the audio for Zoom lessons.

IMPORTANT:  All students must read the Terms & Conditions for teaching