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 Piano, Violin, Viola & Theory for Adults

Piano Keys
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It's marvellous to see so many adults learning music for the first time, or taking up a new instrument.  Whether it be to challenge themselves during retirement or to gain a new skill away from work.  Join with fellow adult learners as you navigate the enjoyable journey of becoming a musician.

You may want to learn for simple enjoyment, achieve a grade or just be able to play a piece of music you've always loved listening to.  Whatever your intention, I will work with you at the speed you are most comfortable with.


45 minute or 1 hour lessons are held in a relaxed environment during daytime hours (Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays) at my home in Lichfield with the use of a beautiful Yamaha piano.  45 minute or 1 hour lessons are also available online from the comfort of your own home.


Visit the adult F AQs or view the gallery 



I want more than to simply show you how to play a tune, my wish for you is to be able to read music and understand it.  Therefore, you can expect the following from your lessons:

  • Scales and arpeggios to learn geography of instrument

  • Theory of music - key signatures, note values etc.

  • Explorations of different musical styles

  • Aural awareness and sight-reading

  • Discussions of musical history

  • Performance development



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Violin & Viola

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It's worth being aware of the difference between piano lessons and keyboard lessons.


At home, you will need: 

  • a metronome (free apps are available for mobiles)

  • easy access to a piano (minimum of 85 keys)


  • a digital piano (minimum of 85 keys)

Whatever style you are ultimately wanting to learn, a knowledge of scales, taught during lessons, will give you the best start.  

There are a variety of method books for beginner adults depending on your learning style; these can be discussed in your first lessons, although you will find suggestions here.  Click here for a good review of 2020's method books.

Discover the difference between a violin and a viola here.

You will need:

  • a violin/viola, bow and case

  • a shoulder rest (Wolf Forte-Secondo is good)

  • rosin

  • a soft duster to wipe down the instrument

At home you will also need:

  • a music stand

  • a metronome (free apps are available for mobiles)

Whatever style you are ultimately wanting to learn, a knowledge of scales and proper technique, taught during lessons and practised at home, will give you the best start. Book suggestions can be found here.


Theory Lessons

Theory is incorporated into regular music lessons, however if you are seeking theory lessons specifically, I offer these too.  Prices are the same as regular weekly instrumental lessons.  Visit the Useful Books section to see recommended books.

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Adult ensemble performance

Some of my adult students filming for The Proms 2016



I occasionally organise small concerts.  These range from Christmas and summer recitals to informal adult-only musical soirées.  These are great fun and have given students the opportunity to inspire and be inspired by others in our musical clan. 


I understand that playing in front of others isn't always everyone's cup of tea, however I do support and encourage playing in front of others as it is a wonderful achievement.  I ask students who aren't playing to come and watch the performances so they can connect with fellow students.


The summer of 2016 saw most of my adult violin students take part in The Last Night of The Proms for the BBC ... we featured at least 3 times on TV.  And many of the adults were pre-grade 1! 

Adults students in concert

Christmas ensemble 2017

IMPORTANT:  All students must read the Terms & Conditions for teaching